In January 2016, Chantal Guevara (Cloud Dance Festival) held an open space event on gender and equality issues in the independent dance sector, and as part of that. Niamh de Valera, co-director of the Blue Elephant Theatre, held a session on what fringe venues can do to support emerging artists. In one of the other sessions, the urgent need for critical feedback on works in progress was discussed, and a few weeks later, Blue Cloud Scratch was born: a bimonthly scratch night, curated and produced by Niamh and Chantal. 

Our two main criteria are that our scratch nights are for professional UK-based dance artists only, and for artists seeking feedback on a sharing, not a performance date. 

Each scratch night is filmed and photographed, while the feedback sessions are recorded and feedback forms are circulated among the audience, and sent later to each artist once they have been transcribed. We also offer the artists a box office split and are exploring adhoc sources of funding to offer the artists. The feedback sessions are chaired by Niamh de Valera and Jo Sadler-Lovett, co-artistic directors of Blue Elephant Theatre, and by Chantal Guevara. 

Although the Blue Elephant Theatre is much-loved by the dance community, its diversity of programming means we can offer our artists the benefit of sharing their work to a mixed audience and not just their peers. 

If you're interested, please do get in touch!