Piedad is a London based Contemporary Dance Artist, with her roots originating from Spain. She completed a degree in Law, while Professionally Training in Murcia. Since being based in London, Piedad has performed and collaborated internationally. As a Contemporary Dance Artist and through her many years of training and performance, she is now focusing on her own practice. Influenced by her time working with such artists as Jose Agudo, Estela Merlos and Saorin, Piedad has a articulate and highly energetic vocabulary. Her Spanish playful rhythms are entwined with grounded floor work. Piedad’s non-narrative stories, from the work of poet Mario Benedetti and Cristina Albarracin, shows an insight into human connections, with strong imagery colouring the process.


A journey of insecurities, struggle, exhaustion and surrender. Where we can hear, touch and feel the voices, rhythms & music of the dancer’s soul and heart.

Choreographed & performed by Piedad Albarracin Seiquer
Music/Voice: Paula Girona
Text: Cristina Albarracin Seiquer
Photo by Thomas Hands

web: piedadalbseq.wix.com/contemporaryartist