Ray was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado. Dancing from age three she was always performing in some sense. After training she took five months to travel around in Europe and Israel visiting different dance companies and exploring some new parts of the world. Ray relocated to London and started making her own work, inspired by the various performance styles that London sees. The dance based language which she uses is influenced by live art, theatre and music.

her slow retreat.

her slow retreat. looks into the world we live in. At how living free and with nature has become distorted. We paint a picture of freedom, of living and caring for the land and each other but capitalism has monetised nature and made it into a collectable item for the rich to display their wealth. When the facade of it all fades away we realise that we are in a self made cage, stuck in this cycle unable to escape.

This piece is inspired by Salvador Dalí’s “Woman with a flower head”, a beautiful and problematic painting.

Choreographed and performed by Ray Prendergast
Costume by Naomi Prendergast
Photo by Ed Spence