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Sheida Mas, a Spanish Choreographer, based in London since 2016, started as a Hip Hop dancer at the age of 16. Her curiosity for finding new movements and ways to communicate through them takes her to study contemporary, jazz, acting and even some ballet, and to finally get a degree in Choreography by the Alicia Alonso University Institute in Spain.

The Pattern

“Violence against women is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world. It knows no social, economic or national boundaries.” - United Nations Populations Fund

A man that we have all come across at some point of our lives. A behaviour more common in our society that we would like to accept. A woman that turns her back on another to afterwards feel the regret. A story that keeps repeating itself... Are you sure you haven´t recognized The Pattern?

Choreographed by Sheida Mas
Performed by Dave Guerrero, Paula Puga, Julia Ruiz and Sheida
Photo by Thierry Viard