Bridie Gane is a British choreographer and performer, creating independent solo and group work of a unique, retro theatricality, often interested in exploring obscure historical female figures, celebrating their obscurity, achievements and relevance to current gender debates.

After training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Bridie moved to Berlin to pursue her interest in choreography and forms of expressing and questioning gender, furthering her training and research through several independent projects and creations. Her first solo choreography, BIM BAM BUM, toured successfully across Germany and internationally, garnering several awards such as the Audience Prize and Best German Solo at the Euro Scene Leipzig Competition, and the First Prize and Audience Prize at the 3.2.1 Dance! Competition at Krakow Dance Theatre. Bridie recently moved to Glasgow, where she is now based.


One Hit Wonder

One Hit Wonder is a work that delves into the history of women in entertainment, and particularly zooms into Golden Age Hollywood, obscure figures of 50's rock and roll- such as Connie Converse, arguably one of the first female singer-song writers- and the figure of the female vaudeville performer. Bridie intends to channel the lives and personas of unconventional women that entertained the masses, reflecting on current views of females on and off stage. One Hit Wonder has been shared as a draft at Dance Base's Spring Showcase and Buzzcut (2017) and is a nostalgic, riotous and retro-subversive solo that celebrates that unique wonder of women who perform.

Choreographed & performed by Bridie Gane
Photo credit: Neal Gruer/ Brian Hartley

Web: bridiegane.wixsite.com/bridiegane