Konstantina Skalionta has been making performances in an attempt to explore the human condition. She has collaborated with various fine artists such as Laura Elias and Bea Bonafini in bringing visual arts and dance together.Her work has been presented in various festivals in UK and Cyprus, amongst them  Resolution 2016,2015,2014, Fiver Fridays (Chisenhale Dance Spac), Women of Mass Destructon 2 (Rich mix), 15th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform (Rialto).



‘How long we have to go I am not sure...what I am sure is...that we need to keep on walking..’ A journey through accumulated memories and emotions unlocked through the act of walking. 

Choreographed & performed by Konstantina Skalionta
Photo copyright: Nick Guttridge

Thank you to Alice Laidler (dancer) who was part in the creative process for the duet version of this performance.

Web: www.skalionta.com
Twitter: @KSkalionta
Facebook: Skalionta.Konstantina
Instagram: kskalionta