dickson2Dickson Mbi is world-renowned in the hiphop dance community for his popping skills, powerful movement, strong personality and ability to blend popping and contemporary dance in a unique fashion.

Dickson started dancing in 2005, his main styles being Popping and the Funk styles, winning several competitions in the UK, Europe and Asia. He has also participated in many commercial works for artists like Robbie Williams, Shalamar, Basement Jaxx, Madonna, Aluna George and many more. After meeting a contemporary dance Teacher/Mentor Stuart Thomas in 2008, he sought further training and undertook a foundation and access course in dance at Lewisham College and Manor Ballet before going on to train at London Contemporary Dance School.He was studying at the school when the world renowned choreograher Russell Maliphant saw Dickson doing an improvisational performance at Sadler's Wells in Breakin' Convention 2011 and asked Dickson to join his company. Dickson has also appeared in television commercials for Lucozade Revive and Audi Etron, both of which were choreographed by Russell Maliphant.

As well as being a member of the Russell Maliphant company, his also part of collective group of artist called JUST US THEATER, led by Joseph Toonga. Not only has he performaned and done guest aperences for companies like Hack Ballet and Company DeCalage. He also has passion for making his own works, Acting, Modeling and developing the next generation of artist.

After touring Asia in 2012, Dickson was very inspired by Asian work ethics and the commitment they have towards their practices. This then led Dickson and his long-term collaborator and dance partner Brooke Milliner to created a crew called Fiya House. The aim of the crew is to mentor, support and teach like-minded people the path to being an artist from the hip hop dance community.

He will be drawing on gestures from antiquity in creating the new solo which he will be presenting. 

Choreographed & performed by Dickson Mbi

Website: www.dicksonmbi.com
Twitter: @dicksonmbi
Facebook: Dickson Mbi