fern1Indefinite Article Dance Theatre are a company of three individuals working out of the North West. We specialise in devising and delivering high quality dance theatre that challenges, entertains and inspires audiences, by offering work that is both engaging and accessible.

"We have been developing an excerpt of work, 'Momentum', that plays with the in-between moments in daily life. Those microseconds where automatic impulse takes over and subsequent shifts occur in the direction of our being. Can we dwell in the precarious space that exists right before we submiss to those driving forces? The work will ultimately aim to question our inherent desire to succumb to what is considered facile and safe. We will use gravity, specifically focusing on that weightless moment before you loose physical control, as a tool to explore the wider idea. This work aims to question the way in which we interact with the world around us, from the macro to the micro. How much of our behaviors is pre determined in our subconscious mind, and can we change the course of our physical and verbal dialogue in those tiny moments before impulse takes over."

Choreographed and performed by Fern Maia, Belinda Grantham and Craig Bennett