Bridget Lappin The Art of Exposure Photo Gabi SeraniBridget Lappin studied at London Contemporary Dance School where she graduated with a First-class BA (Hons) degree. She has performed with the Richard Alston Dance Company, Bern Ballett under the direction of Cathy Marston, and several independent choreographers and companies based in Canada and in London, including A(r)CT and Joanna Kalm (ES).

Bridget has presented her own choreographic work internationally, most recently at Resolution 2016 at the Place. Having recently completed her Masters from LCDS, she is continuing to establish her presence as a solo artist, creating work grounded in improvisation, philosophy, feminism and pop culture.


The Art of Exposure

“It seems almost magical, this art of night stealth that enables you to make yourself invisible in the black of night.”*

She lives in the shadows where she can thrive. She creates her own darkness and exists within it. She cultivates disguises, a ninja, a woman, a body; all deceptions in an act of self-preservation against her environment. And yet, it is in this act of hiding that she exposes herself… What will you see in her? What are you left with?

*Quotation from the Shoninki, translated by Antony Cummins and Yoshie Minami

Choreographed and performed by Bridget Lappin