konstantinaKonstantina is a London-based choreographer, contemporary dancer and dance teacher. She trained at Central School of Ballet and then undertook postgraduate studies at the London Contemporary Dance School, graduating in July 2012.

Her choreographic work reflects upon personal experiences and aspires to explore the human behaviour and interaction. She has been collaborating with various artists towards bringing dance and visual arts together in her performances.

Be My Home is her first collaboration with the artist Laura Elias, and it was first performed at Resolution! 2016, in January.

Be My Home is an intimate solo performance inspired by poetic images and metaphors of the houses we live in. Exploring the notion and meaning of home it reflects on the primary human need to inhabit places and seek other kind of shelters, to inhabit new homes that mark different life stages. Choreographer Konstantina Skalionta collaborates with fine artist and prop maker Laura Elias to explore the notion and meaning of ‘home’ and whether the ‘body’ can be seen as our only lifelong ‘home’.

Choreographed and performed by Konstantina Skalionta
Artist: Laura Elias