Lucy Palmer is a London Based dance artist. Her choreographic work includes: 140BPM, The Latest Pair of Jimmy Choo’s, To See, Scratch Mark and How am I not myself? These have been presented at: The Crypt Gallery – Kings Cross, Resolution – The Place, Evolution – The Place, and Woking Dance Umbrella. Lucy achieved her MA in Choreography from Middlesex University mentored by Christopher Bannerman, Emilyn Claid and Angela Woodhouse.

‘The Left Hand Path’

Walking through life with socially acceptable masks, pulling the veil across each urge we choose to suppress. 'The Left Hand Path' will explore the dark side of the psyche through an intrinsically woven male trio. Three bodies in space discovering their shadow side, unable and unwilling to accept the animalistic nature, envy and rage.

Choreographed by Lucy Palmer
Performed by Harry Parr, Riley Wolf, Joey Barton

Twitter: @lucypalmerdance
Facebook: DanceTank
Instagram: @LucyPalmerDance