Read more ...Adrian Look is a freelance dance artist and lecturer for Tanztheater. He is also the artistic director and choreographer of London based T a n z t h e a t e r Adrian Look, founded in 2014.

Read more ...Masha Gurina is a Ukraine-born dance artist living in Brighton. She trained in Laban and her portfolio includes contemporary dance, physical theatre, dance film, art installation and Argentine tango. She has directed several full-length works, art films and short choreographies for stage. Masha loves mixing media, genres and movement languages (which, no doubt, is a product of her own diverse background).  

Read more ...Camille Jetzer is part of Oxford-based group Dis|Connect: "We started our group Dis|Connect in 2015 in Oxford, and focused our work on re-staging and re-creating "forgotten" pieces. Our last performance was "Der Gelbe Klang" originally written by Kandinsky but never made it to the stage. This year we continue to explore forgotten pieces and the complexities of re-choreographing ballets which only exist on paper."

Read more ...Piedad Albarracin Seiquer is a Contemporary Dance Artist and through her many years of training and performance, she is now focusing on her own practice. Influenced by her time working with such artists as Jose Agudo, Estela Merlos and Saorin, Piedad has a articulate and highly energetic vocabulary. Her Spanish playful rhythms are entwined with grounded floor work and Risk taking partner work. Piedad’s non- narrative stories, from the work of poet Julio Cortazar, shows an insight into human connections, with strong imagery colouring the process.

Read more ...Julia K. Gleich divides her artistic energies between London and New York. Living in the UK since 2003, the highlight of her creative life in London has been the production of her immersive ballet Speak Easy Secrets at The Broadway in Barking for which she received Arts Council funding. She is Co-Founder of Norte Maar based in Brooklyn, NY where she is the producer of CounterPointe, which has also been produced in London in 2013 and 2015.

Read more ...Zuzanna Pilat, founder of Bee Dance Company, is a contemporary dancer and choreographer from Poland. She received the highest degree on completing her BA in choregraphy at Music Academy Łódź Poland in 2013, and has since developed a busy choreographic practice in both Poland and the UK.