camilleCamille Jetzer is part of Oxford-based group Dis|Connect: "We started our group Dis|Connect in 2015 in Oxford, and focused our work on re-staging and re-creating "forgotten" pieces. Our last performance was "Der Gelbe Klang" originally written by Kandinsky but never made it to the stage. This year we continue to explore forgotten pieces and the complexities of re-choreographing ballets which only exist on paper."

Forgetting deals with the concept of forgetting, how the body forgets, and how one could translate that into dance. 'Forgetting as movement'. 

We are working with a sound designer (Gemma Riggs) who has pieced together 8 voices from interviews in which each person was asked to describe how they felt at a moment in their lives when they experienced change. Unsurprisingly, much of the discussion revolves around people trying to find their words and not quite being able to put a particular word on how they felt, they had forgotten, or could not translate it. The dancers then embody this problematic, how to express forgetting through movement and space.

The piece also focuses on repetition, how specific words come back in the dialogue, how specific movements come back in the dance, and how one can use repetition in order to develop the concept of forgetting.

Choreographed and performed by Camille Jetzer and Fran Mangiacasale
Sound artist: Gemma Riggs