Kuan-Yu Chen (Taiwan) and Marie Chabert (France) are independent dance artists with international collaborating experiences who recently started sharing artistic ideas together. They are interested in audience interaction and reaction, improvisation score, site-specific, challenging conventions and some laugh.


The Clapping Piece

A funny, light, and ironic dance theatre duet that challenges the roles ‘performers/observers’ in an unusual way. The convention is to clap at the end of a performance as a way of showing appreciation. What is the nature of this relationship performer/observers? How much conventions and standard setting enables/disable it to unfold? Can the performance exist without the audience and vice versa?

Created and performed by Kuan-Yu Chen and Marie Chabert
Photo copyright: Ollie Smallwood

Marie Chabert's website: ciebodysong.com
Kuan-yu Chen's website: chenkuany.wixsite.com/kuanyuchen